Counting days & only serious requests

Rumi 20th of April 2020

Our Ferrari, our race horse has changed into a lazy dog – spending her days sleeping and begging for food. Her belly is growing and she has really started to look like a grown up with her eyes in a wise glow. We are enjoying every moment of the proces and allowing her to set the pace and decide where to rest and when to cuddle. We still motivate her for enough exercise in order to stay fit. This Friday we have an appointment at the vet’s so we are counting the days now and looking forward to a litter size indication. Meanwhile we are being flooded with puppy requests by people who have made little preparation in buying a flatcoated retriever puppy. We will only take serious requests in consideration by owners who are choosing to spend lifelong time in dog sports (irregular which kind of sport/activity) with their dog. This litter is not suited for people only wanting a family dog as the pups are likely to be active, intelligent, passionate and have a keen nose for game. They will need mental stimulation through their whole life.

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