The beginning of the goodbyes

It has been 2 weeks since our last news sorry..but you may guess busy taking care of the puppies. Here a shortlists of our adventures:

Serious mastitis (milking and feeding puppies)

Many puppy owner visits (12 puppies means an equal amount of families)

Exterieur judging (big thanks to Marjo Hahné for visiting and giving feedback on the litter)

Chipping and DNA sampling on location

Blood testing/ vaccination

And I can continue further on..

Marijke and Mr Jones

Today it was time for our first puppy to fly out in the big world. Our mr Gold has found a happy home with Marijke Haveman in Groningen. I wish you the best of luck – but also pleasure with the gun dog training. He will now be known as Mr. Jones.

Flatastic Golden Truth
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