Time to say goodbye..

Time flies when one prepares the goodbyes of 12 puppies. The last week (between 8 and 9 weeks) was an important week in the socialization of the pups. We enjoyed watching how Rumi’s behavior changed with the puppies. Day by day I noticed that she set new boundaries for what was allowed and what not. As time passed we noticed that the puppies started to approach her in a bow instead of frontal jumping (most of the time) and the biting in our hands became more gentle. Also their interaction changed and we adjusted the amount of things to investigate and things to climb on.

Rumi & mr Black
Marloes & Hans with Spyke

Last Friday morning we said goodbye to sweet Flatastic Blue Intelligence – mr Blue really grew on me during the past 9 weeks with his modest but cool appearance and manly way of being. Luckily we will see each other at the gun dog training every Saturday. Hans and Marloes are living in the Eindhoven area and we wish them a wonderful future with Spyke.

Flatastic Blue Intelligence photo by Arista Fotografie

Friday afternoon another handsome boy left our house. Mr Purple – a true son of his mother – will be living in the Gelderland province with his new family. This wonderful dog was unfortunate to be called Koosje Abrikoosje by me – no way near representing his league. Luckily Marja understands that this hotshot is more of a Prince than a Koos. We are looking forward seeing him too every week for gun dog training. We wish Marja, Okke and Florian all the best, many dog-cuddling hours and fine gun dog work with this fantastic guy.

Florian, Marja and Okke with Shelby
Flatastic apricot Fulfilment by Arista fotografie

Saturday morning an icon left us feeling a bit empty. Knowing that her room filling personality will bring her owners great joy is a comfort for our tender hearts. Little miss Green we wish you and your new family in Zeeland the best of times, probably you will show that part of the Netherlands what is in the word RETRIEVER.

Flatastic Green Compassion by Arista Fotografie

Sunday was another big goodbye day. Two of my training mates picked up their puppies. It was a very emotional experience to hand over puppies to such great guys – aiming for a fantastic working gun dog life with their dogs. In the morning Ivo and Hank came to pick up Mr. Amber alias Brownie. The sweetest little boy with an enormous amount of enthusiasm and speed. Ivo and his two boys live in the Utrecht region and I am looking forward continuing training with Ivo and seeing the boys again. We wish you and “Brownie” a wonderful working gun dog life together.

Ivo & Victor
Flatastic Amber Value by Arista fotografie

Sunday afternoon..by this time my emotional egg was really overcooked. I cannot really describe how satisfying and special it was to have delivered and brought up a new working mate for my dear training partner, hunting mate and friend Frans. It was a moment filled with pure joy. Our great adventurous “Pluto” – Rumi’s limit-pusher and Mr Clooney (yes he is that charming) is looking forward to a great working gun dog life in Brabant region where he will be living with Déroy, the brother of Rumi. We wish Frans & his family a fantastic years with their Jason.

Frans, Déroy, Rachel & Roy with Jason
Flatastic Aquamarine Acceptance (mobile phone) photo by Arista fotografie
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