Another goodbye

Josine, Mattijs & Line

Today we said goodbye to miss Yellow – also known as Bröseline (nicknamed after het father). Her pedigree name is Flatastic Yellow Joy. She was the smallest puppy who had a long way of growing, she had to struggle a bit for the good nipples against the big guys. When she was around 5 weeks of age this little girl made it clear to me that she would not fit into the life of anybody with high gun dog ambitions as she requires small steps in adjusting to change. This decision was the hardest I had to make and my promise to myself to put the well-being of my dogs ahead of any human will, has in her case been very challenging for me personally (on more levels than I could ever imagine). Josine and Mattijs fell in love with Lintje, and I am very pleased knowing they can provide her with what she needs, including training and TLC. We wish you a joyful dog life together.

Flatastic Yellow Joy

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