Big Thank You for Your help

Having a litter and taking good care of it is a lot of work. Having had 12 puppies and a mother with mastitis – during corona period was really a challenge but also a mind blowing experience. Some days were pretty tough, but the sweet pink puppy love and also the unexpected kindness from people around us – even from people at a distance who supported either by kind words or helping out with practical stuff was a big blessing. So I want to thank you all for the support, interest and kindness that came our way.

First of all I want to thank my husband – he was confronted with a huge amount of work keeping the household going and as he said: “keeping the New York rush hour deli” going (referring to the milk-production we had to provide).

Secondly a huge thank you to Anita from Arista fotografie. Thank you for all the beautiful photos but even more for all the caring, helping, especially the kind manner you handled the pups. Could not have managed this whole thing without you. Also Jos thank you for the helping hand.

Another important thank you to my friend Marguerite who supported with behavioural advice for the imprint period of the puppies, providing a lecture with me for the puppy owners and individual advice for some. But also for all the home cooked meals – you saved not only my dinner on several occasions but also my sanity with your moral support.

A huge thanks to Frans for bringing uncle Déroy for socialization and all the puppy proof tech solutions, but mostly for being a true friend and support.

My list can continue – let me end by the words: Thank You everyone who helped and supported the Flatastic Aura litter and thank you to the devoted new owners for providing heartfelt warm homes for the flatastic puppies.

The biggest thank you goes to Rumi. My fantastic girl – you were and are an amazing mother🙏💗

Foto from private collection
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