Lockdown Christmas challenge

The Flatastic Christmas Challenge

In the Netherlands were are in lockdown – again. Most European countries are struggling with increased Covid-19 infections and we adapt to the situation. Up until now most of us have been able to train the young dogs – thanks to flexible trainers adapting to guidelines and offering small groups. But for the moment it is not possible. It is a bit unfortunate because we are at the doorstep of adolescence and the flatastic bandidos are starting to suffer from the so-called bananas-in-the-ears syndrome. So we decided to call for a challenge for the owners to have some home training. After Christmas we hope to have all the videos uploaded to our judges (gundog trainer and a behaviorist) and 2nd of Jan 2021 we hope to announce the winner of the challenge. The assignment includes heelwork, obedience and impulse controle, but also taking the well being of the dog into consideration aiming for a low stress level as well as technical performance. So far we are having great fun at the app and in the training field. So far – a few good performances have been entered and the rest of us..are still training. Take care all of you out there – stay healthy and make the best of these times – especially with your dog friends- they bring us such great joy if we allow them to.

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