Flatastic winter fun

In the Netherlands we have had snow and frost the past week. For the Aura litter it was an introduction to snow and the litter app group was generously filled with snow fun photos. We managed to get a head shots of the whole dozen.

Here they all are – please excuse some of the Corona hairdo’s

Having had the fields covered in snow and the water frozen – was also an opportunity to observe their personalities and skills a bit closer. I can conclude that there is nothing wrong with their noses (finding hares hidden under snow) – they still love to swim even if it is very cold and they are still sensible in not jumping onto ice or taking major risks on slippy surfaces. Especially the last bit I am pleased with. Having high drive dogs taking unnecessary risks can be quite a disaster. So I am very pleased with my “puppies” that are now in the middle of their adolescence.

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