Flatastic premiere at gundog test

First opportunity to take the dogs for testing in the Netherlands after lockdown was also a first for one of the Flatastic offsprings to do a test.

Flatastic Amber Value “Victor” made a great entrance at the scene handled by Ivo van Kempen obtaining his CDD-C diploma with 47 out of 50 points – 6th place. I am very proud of their accomplishment. Here a few words from Ivo about his Victor and their first test:


Vic’s First

Before Victor got into my life I was hoping my 2nd dog would be a non-Alpha dog with high-agility, drive and passion for game. Not only did I get exactly what I wanted but he’s also a very quick learner with the drive of a pumped-up cocker spaniel (I’m exaggerating but you get the picture ;).

Last Saturday May 15th was his first real trial at the Working Flatcoated Retriever Group (WFRG). It was exceptionally well organized (during Covid times) with small groups starting each half-hour from 8:00 am. Our time slot was 10:30 – done, which gave us some time to kick-start the day with a relaxed morning stroll before heading to the Western-side of the Brabant province, a 1,5 hour drive from where I live.

Except for the test on which Vic had to stay at his place and out of sight from me for 2 minutes, we didn’t really practice as it’s mostly basic stuff. Our participation was solely to gain some experience for what’s to come and I was confident he would do well because of what he has shown during training.

When we arrived it was relatively quiet and I could pick what test to start with. The (short) water retrieve (Test E) was nearest by so we picked that one. It was the first time he started this close to a gunshot which resulted in Victor (eager as he is) leaving a tad too soon but I was able to get him under control quick enough to get only 2 points deducted. All other tests went flawless (bar one due to my nonchalance) and I’m really proud of my little boy.

Victor & Hank

Victor has got huge potential and he is doing exceptionally well together with my older dog Hank (a 5 year old Flatcoat stud). It’s a perfect match and I am extremely thankful towards Birgitte for that.

Victor at work
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