Health results for hips & knees

Today we received the last result of the hip examination…

Bruce & Gurbe at 7 1/2 weeks old with goose wing foto by Arista

So very thrilled to share that the whole Aura litter – all 12 of them have HD A (hips) and Patella free (knees). According to the breeding rules of the flatcoated retriever club these two health examinations are obligatory for breeding. Some owners also chose to have x-ray of the elbows, as they are working dogs, however this is not obligatory in the Netherlands for the flatcoated retrievers. I am also pleased with the results of the elbows.

A big thank you to all owners for making this investment in the health monitoring of our breed – as a breeder I have promoted the health examinations (part of sale agreement) and I took care of the logistics of it. For me the result is great news – as this is hopeful for future breeding plans.

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