Flatastic road trip to 3 day International Dog Show Herning Denmark

Being a relatively young breeder (in experience not age😉) means I still have to learn more about dog anatomy and flatcoated exteriors. This year has been intense time with 3 dogs in gun dog training of which 2 youngsters. I have a clear vision of not speeding into results in gun dog competitions and building a solid foundation. Therefore only Rumi is in the competition game this season and I have decided to dive into the world of dog showing this autumn. Apart from theoretic learning (great that one can do online workshops with zoom) I have done a lot of show training at the KC Kennemerland dog club. Willemijn my trainer is a very kind and clever handler and she has generously developed me and the dogs up to the point that I dared to do the unexpected with my “working” flatcoats: going to an international dog show abroad.

I must admit I also had an urge to visit my home country and my “partner in crime” Frans was luckily crazy enough to join me on a road trip to Denmark.

Our Airbnb rented pearl in the middle of a forest

Our rented holiday home turned out to be in the middle of forest full of pheasants and deer. We had just by walking the dogs a severe case of impulse control training happening to us unexpectedly.


Flatastic Red Strength “Lotte”

Friday was the first day and I had 5 dogs to handle: Kaspar and Lotte youth class, Jason between class, Déroy and Rumi open class. Judge was Jan Robert Sauge.

Little did I know that the top show breeders and professional handlers were present. It was quite an experience and I saw a fairly large difference in type of what I am used to see at minor shows and also the game of handling. Luckily we came well prepared – however I could not help thinking that my dogs were a little out placed here. Nevertheless we did our utmost best – the youngsters were a bit impressed by the slippery concrete ground and noisy surroundings, but behaved nicely. They lacked though their usual charisma that day. Déroy and Rumi were “on” from the first moment and were very charming, the floor made it difficult for them to run relaxed, but I was very happy with their confident attitude. Especially Déroy was a dream to have in the ring – it was 4 years ago since his last show – love his no nonsense character and will to please. He loved all the sausage pieces the most I think.

Me searching for the right pose with Déroy

Friday results judge Jan Robert Sauge:

Flatastic Black Peace “Kaspar3rd place VG youth class

Flatastic Red Strength “Lotte” 2nd place Exc youth class

Flatastic Aquamarine Acceptance “Jason” 2nd place VG intermediate class

Flow of Spirits Red Admiral “Déroy” VG open class males

Flow of Spirits Silver Skipper Exc open class females

Pretty Rumi giving it a tails up

Saturday results judge Jessie Borregaard Madsen:

Flatastic Black Peace “Kaspar” 3rd place VG youth class

Flatastic Red Strength “Lotte” VG

Flow of Spirits Silver Skipper Exc open class females

Sunday results Börje Johansson

Flatastic Black Peace “Kaspar” 3rd place VG youth class

Flatastic Red Strength “Lotte” Exc youth class

Flow of Spirits Silver Skipper VG open class

Winners of Sunday’s competition from the left Almanza Back Seat Driver BIR & Caci’s I’m Just Smashing BIM

Throughout the 3 day show I witnessed how my dogs learned and adjusted to the surroundings – it was pleasurable to see how they matured and I was very proud that from day 2 they started taking naps in their pen. I think that must have had great training value. Of course they were given a free run and a mud bath every afternoon – perfect prep for beauty queens.

Of course I would have loved to see more Excellent on the score chart but considering the whole game of international showing, the competition and which standard these judges are used to I think team Flatastic did very well. It also helped to narrow down what my personal vision for our breed is concerning exterior and functionality. So I am bringing a lot of valuable lessons home.

Also I learned tons about dogs, showing, people behind the whole thing and I would like to thank those of you who took time for some cosy small talk, good advice & a little fun making. A special thank you to Frans for allowing me to run with his boys.

Also thank you to Natasha for joining with her Finnish Lapp Aaron. He sure liked my black girls and he bravely opened all his charms, the sweet guy.

Aaron Kaspar Lotte Rumi
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