Flatastic New Year Challenge 2022

We are thrilled to announce that Hans and Spyke (Flatastic Blue Intelligence) won the Flatastic New Year’s challenge 2022. It was a close race to the winning position as the Flatastic owners had put a serious effort into getting the exercise of sending their dog to the place (leash on the ground).

Happy Spyke at training with Hans – January 2022

Spyke is a very happy fellla. He is a typical flatcoated retriever in the sense that he loves to be funny and have fun. He is great in teaching his owners not to take life and training too seriously. At the same time he loves to work. He resembles his mother in that way – always full of passion but in a more modest manner and he is quite good in heelwork and waiting his turn. He has a very kind nature in a big boyish body. He is a great all-rounder and when he truly understands what is asked of him – he is more than willing to perform. I am very proud of him and Hans and I am looking forward to whatever the future holds for them.

Youngster Spyke – photo by Caroline Nilsson
Puppy Blue – Spyke

This years’s challenge was judged by gundog trainer Jantine Veldhuyzen from Jachthondenschool de Kust. Jantine is very passionate about dogs, their welfare and proper training. She also writes articles in gundog magazine “de Jachthond” on different subjects within gundog training. Jantine has a lot of experience, especially with standing dog breeds but she also has a keen eye for seeing through the mind of a flattie, which does not surprise me as our breed has a lot of standing gundog qualities to them.

Jantine Veldhuyzen

Thank you Jantine for judging this year’s Flatastic challenge – and thank you for the feedback – all participants were very happy with your pointers.

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