2022 personal gundog goals achieved

In the beginning of the year I made a list of goals in order to have a clear vision of what we are putting our efforts into. One of the goals concerned gundog competition work. I had hoped for a second SJP A for Rumi and at least a SJP B for the youngsters. Yesterday we fulfilled that wish when Flatastic Black Peace “Kaspar” achieved his SJP B with 68 point out of 80. Still plenty of room for improvement- but his official B hunting exams is passed. It was not easy as I was on crutches and my Italian was not very comfortable with these sticks around him. It resulted in a rather creative delivery execution – he is very clever to avoid risks (the day before I had accidentally dropped one of them on his back). Very proud of my beauty & brains guy.

Upper photo from Saskia Moonen FRC

My personal standard and preference for breeding flatcoated retrievers is at least a SJP B or equivalent as it proves that a dog that is bred to hunt is showing that he will retrieve game and have basic obedience. Apart from that an excellent anatomy in the eyes of an exterior judge is preferred.

Kaspar has now proven up to that standard and with his health results he is now complying with the FCI, Dutch Kennel Club and the flatcoated retriever club’s requirements in order to be used for breeding.

But before my lights turn from orange to green Kaspar will as most of his sibling undergo an ultrasound scan to ensure that his kidneys are as they should be. This is due to the early loss of his sister Line (see earlier news feed). I have spend a lot of time contemplating and gaining information wether I should continue with this in mind and I still feel that our breed is troubled by a low gene pool, too many cancer cases, early age death rate is too high generally speaking. Apart from that – very few flatcoated retrievers show the work drive and intelligence that I find so characteristic for them. I still feel both Kaspar and Lotte can contribute to keeping my beloved breed alive – maintaining the gene pool and adding working skills and good looks and function. A few interested puppy buyers are on the waiting list already and we will keep it open and start making plans as soon as we have had the last confirmation on health concerning the kidneys.

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