Winners of the Flatastic New Year Challenge 2023

Who me? Gurbe took the price once again.

As mentioned in our previous message, the Flatastic Challenge was up for judging this week and the winners were:

1st price – best execution of the challenge: Lieuwe Bosma & Flatastic Platinum Alignment “Gurbe”

Most creative challenge Evelien Hendriksen & Flatastic Orange Pleasure “Kai”

Best Talent Josine Woudsma & Beguarded in a conshell Flat our Pride “Ragne” (1 year old halfsister to Aura pups).

This year we had great fun – not only when training the dogs but mostly from watching the great videos made by the owners. I now know for sure that owning a flatcoated retriever will either make you a flexible and humorous person or even better – you are spontaneous to start with. 

This year gundog trainer Yvonne van Houten – Scheltens from jachthondenschool Kaya ( judged our young talents and their owners work. She provided everyone with positive feedback add to their toolbox. Thank you Yvonne for your time and effort.

Yvonne & her two flatcoated retrievers Ylva & Kaya

Thank you for all the fun you brought us by participating and getting training serious with the Flatastics.

The Challenge

Check out Flatastic Flatcoated Retrievers on Facebook to see the videos of the 3 winners.

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