Flow of Spirits Red Admiral

Déroy & Rumi in the back – both dressed in duck confetti – photo by Flatastic

Born 8.3.2016


HD A – patella free – EL free – ECVO clear (2021) incl gonio height 63 cm



FRC Trophy WFRG Trophy Cees Mol Memorial team WT


VG (1 year age) – Excellent (2 years age KCM FRC Lelystad ) – VG (5 1/2 year age International Show Herning, DK)

Waiting for the blind during a WT A – Photo by Silvia Renders

Déroy is approved for breeding by FRC (flatcoated retriever club) & WFRG (Working Flatcoated Retriever group). Both Registered under Dutch Kennel club FCI Raad van Beheer.

This lovely boy is the brother of our Rumi (Flow of Spirits Silver Skipper) and because Frans de Vries, his owner, and I have grown a dog friendship over the years it has been a privilege to follow Déroy and Frans’ gun dog work from early puppy training up till now. Some of you may have noticed that I have been a big fan of this combination and surely I am not the only one who has developed an appreciation for this great stud. I expect him to pass on great qualities as he comes very close to being the perfect working flatcoated retriever. His owner is reluctant to using him in breeding so his contributions in the future will be assessed carefully. I have offered Frans a place for Déroy on my website, despite the fact that he is neither bred nor owned by me, in order for future interest to be accessed easily or in case some of the coming owners of puppies should be interested in reading more about him and his family.

Fast return at WT A Lochem Nov 21 – photo by Silvia Renders
Character and temperament:

Déroy has a very friendly and enthusiastic spirit. He loves attention without being all over you at the same time. Towards other dogs he is extremely friendly and he will do all he can to prevent conflicts or having to set boundaries. Eventually he will say no, but one has to take it very far to get to that point. Towards other males he avoids aggression and with puppies he is utmost patient and playful. With bitches he is mostly very interested in sniffing and courting and even with the more hot type bitches he is clever and patient in his approach. He will try later if the moment is not right, but he will not give up courting easily. He is very playful with other dogs and running, tugging and bathing together are his favorite things to do together with his doggy playmates. He is very skilled in dog language and can play on the ground with the typical playing sounds of flatcoated retrievers having fun.

Puppy Déroy

When working with his handler he shows a lot of will to please and power to fulfill the task. At a distance his flatcoated retriever mind functions very well and he easily solves problems on his own. He is very keen on doing a good job, setting him up for success is important. He has a soft nature, which is shown if a hard voice is being used. At the same time, if a handler asks silly things that makes no sense he will again switch to his problem solving mode and get the job done on his own. Déroy rarely barks at home and loves being around his family members. When hunting he has no hesitance in difficult terrain or obstacles. In my eyes he has the perfect temperament for a working gun dog.


He is strongly built, a good size masculine male with a bit rounded head, beautiful eyes and a good coat that protects him very well when entering sharp branches during hunting. His back is slightly long, supported by muscular and correct angulated rear and front. He takes mostly after his father’s side on looks.

MAP FRC Oldenzaal 2021 photo by Robin Polman

Flatcoated Retriever Club Show 13th of May 2018:

2 years good size, nice proportions, very nice masculine head, good expression, good set of neck, strong toppling, very balanced in angulation, good body and substance for his age, moves with good reach in front and enough strength behind. Very nice coat, a little bit open, lovely temperament. Excellent.

Loves his game – photo 2021 by D. vd Horst

Aside from his great accomplishments there is a bit of description to add on his working skills. He is not only very trainable but also very motivated to work. He will only be less motivated if he is unwell, otherwise it is with full power and motivation that he is out retrieving. He has a fantastic nose and will pick up scent of any kind of game. He is very fast when working whether it is hunting, searching or tracking. Swimming is the same story; fast and efficient. He will pick up diving game on hunts without hesitation and working on diving fowl with others dogs results in perfect team work. I have seen him succeed in retrieves that field trial Labradors could not find on many occasions. He is a true all-rounder: marking, searching, memories, tracking – it is all in his game and he switches easily from using the wind- and ground scent.

Déroy 2021 photo by D. vd Horst

For information on Déroy contact Frans de Vries via email: fransv768@gmail.com

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