Flatastic Black Peace “Kaspar”

Kaspar 1 year old – photo by Arista by Anita
Kaspar aug 21 – Photo by Jørgen Falk – Danish flatcoated retriever club


HD A EL free Patella free

ECVO 2021 clear (except distichiasis) GONIO mild

carries only black

full scissor bite

Born 22.05.2020 – male dog after Brösel vom Timeloberg/Flow of Spirits Silver Skipper. Kaspar is from our first litter Aura.

height 60 cm

The name Black Peace refers to the spiritual calming down of the busy thinking patterns and opening up to a deeper, universal knowing.

Kaspar was the puppy who stole my heart only the second he was born with his charismatic looks. He is a very loving and joyful dog who has a great balance of thinking and doing, he loves to cuddle and receive attention – to the extend that we have started calling him “the Italian”.

He is a very elegant male, with good proportions and a very nice flat coat. His body is compactly build and he moves very easily and fast . As a young puppy he was the peacemaker whenever some of the other boys had too rough play, he would elegantly part the quarrel with his charms. Even though he has a gentle heart and a soft way of being he stands his ground if needed and despite a lot of will to please he does not loose his own will and interests. I love how he carries that balance and I adore his great character. He is full of self confidence, courage and plenty of will to please when working.

Youngster Kaspar
Photo by Anita Lauwers

To me he has the ideal mix of beauty, power and brains in a flatcoated retriever.

Kaspar is in ongoing gun dog training and he has passed his first trial in the summer of 21′: WFRG talent working test for juniors and the Danish “Brugsprøve” in the autumn of 2021. In 2022 he has obtained a CDD-B diploma on dummies and two SJP B diplomas. He has also obtained his Working test certificate B1. Furthermore he has been introduced to hunting where he shows a really keen terrain drive and he has picked up ducks and geese. He likes to sneak up to pigeons in the garden and take a stand, but unfortunately the girls tend to spoil his efforts by barging in.

He is very keen on using his nose. He can hold an area very well and when doing a drag-track he works seemingly close on the track shifting methodically between ground and air scent. He is a great marker as many flatcoated retrievers are and he works very well within handler distance and also out of sight. He is confident and loves to do the job well. Dummies and game are equally appreciated. He has done some blood tracking and showed the same style of working there.

To hand delivery- photo by Arista

At a young age he already participated in some shows – here an overview of his results:

Aug 21′ DRK Frederikssund Flatcoated Breed Weekend: BIM Junior – 1st place Excellent male junior with youth certificate.

Sept 21′ WFRG KCM 3rd place Excellent breeder’s class males

Kaspar 15 months

Sept 21′ Maastricht Int. Indoor 3rd place Very Good junior males

Oct 21 FRC KCM Excellent junior class males

Nov 21 Danish Kennel Club International Show in Herning: 3rd place Very Good on all three days in a row.

April 22 Danish Flatcoated Club show Roskilde 1st place intermediate class & BIM intermediate class.

In honory ring 3rd place working all breeds
Sept 22

Sept 22 Gundog show Doorwerth BOB working (1st place Excellent) & 3rd place all breeds working. 1st place with sister Lotte in couple’s class.

Sept 22 WFRG Club Show VG 2nd place working class

March 23 Rijnland International show. VG 1st place working class & 2nd place couples class.

Kaspar Sept 22 photo by Eva Roosendaal
Kaspar 22 months old at Danish Flatcoated Club Show 2022

Working results:

2021 Talentenjacht WFRG Snuffelklasse all dummies retrieved

2021 Danish Brugsprøve achieved

2022 Dutch C-diploma CDD on dummies 45 points out of 50

2022 1st place Danish Debutant prøve

2022 1st place Dutch CDD B on dummies

2022 SJP C official hunting exam passed with 50 points out of 50

2022 SJP B official hunting exam passed with 68 points out of 80

2022 SJP B official hunting exam passed with 70 points out of 80 – 3rd place – qualified for participation MAP B

2022 Working Test B1 certificate

Great in any terrain – picks up hurt birds without hesitance

In time Kaspar will become available for breeding. He is already complying with the requirements of the Flatcoated Retriever Club FRC. For more information on his littermates look at the page Aura litter. Should you wish to inquire more information on Kaspar (or any other individual of our bred dogs) please use the contact option here on the website.

Kaspar 2 1/2 years old photo by Arista


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