Flatastic Red Strength “Lotte”

Lotte with duck photo by Arista
Lotte 2 1/2 years old photo by Arista


HD A EL free Patella free

ECVO 2021 clear Gonio mild

Born 22.05.2020 – female dog after Brösel vom Timeloberg/Flow of Spirits Silver Skipper. Lotte is from our first litter: Aura.

carries liver scissor bite height 58 cm

Lotte 1 year old – photo by Anita Lauwers

The name Red Strength refers to the spiritual aliveness one can feel running through the veins of the energy body, dynamic, powerful with the ability to discriminate.

Lotte was called Marjory during the litter period. Her nickname came from the Oracle from the children’s puppet show “the Freggles” as she would spend her time laying around on strange surfaces.

Lotte at puppy gun dog training – photo by Caroline Nilsson

She was a very attractive puppy with a face full of mischief and she managed to get all puppy buyers to want to take her home with them. Lotte was from early on up front and ready to rock and roll. It was rather clear that she would need an experienced handler at her side and a life full of things to keep her adventurous nature busy. Unfortunately the buyer fitting this profile pulled back last minute and we were left with the shock of having this wonderful girl at 8 weeks and no home for her to go to. It was so heartbreaking for us that we could not bear the thought of it for her to end up in a home with people we knew little of so my husband and I made a very difficult decision (not knowing if we would be able to manage having 2 puppies at once). I still remember clearly the day we decided – I drove to the pet shop to buy both pups a harness and a leash. I am very grateful to my husband for the choice we made and we are so lucky that we have this beautiful girl and daughter of Rumi in our family.

Photo by Caroline Nilsson

Lotte got her name as the Dutch word Lot means fate and fate decided that she stayed with us – today I like to think of her name as lot-tery ticket with hopefully a huge pay out.

Lotte is strong minded but very sweet and gentle girl, a very fast working dog taking after her mother but then the 2.0 version – less rough edges and a bit more will to please. She loves action and has a weird preference for large breed dogs such as German shepherds and she knows exactly how to approach the most tough looking dogs without any disruption. Lotte is very social and cuddly, until something exciting happens then she is gone – out on adventure. At home she is laid back and modest. Outside she is fast, very eager and clever. She learns very quickly and she is always willing to perform. Lotte is very attentive of her surroundings and never misses a thing. This can be a bit challenging as a handler but it is a great quality. She swims whenever she gets a chance and has amazing skills to move and work in water.

Lotte has a very good and flat coat, slightly longer back than her brother. She takes after her mother – her head carries the expression of a tom boy and her persistent look in her eyes always makes me laugh.

Winter 20/21

Lotte is in ongoing gun dog training and she has passed one trial in the summer of 21′: WFRG talent working test for juniors and the Danish “Brugsprøve”. In 2022 she obtained her CDD B and SJP B diploma’s. Apart from that she has been introduced to hunting and has picked up ducks on a shoot. Just like her brother she showed an amazing sense of the terrain – running very easily through rough covers and potato fields. She will work out a field as a HPR would – sliding from left to right when given the chance. Lotte has a very strong game drive, but works fine on dummies at the same time.

First working test – photo by Caroline Nilsson
KCM WFRG 2021 photo by Jeanette Nederhof

Show results

Aug 21′ DRK Flatcoated Breed show Denmark 4th place Excellent junior class females

Sept 21′ WFRG KCM Excellent breeders class females

Sept 21′ Maastricht Int Indoor 4th place Very Good junior class females

Oct 21′ FRC KCM Excellent junior class females

Nov 21 Danish Kennel Club International Show in Herning. Day 1: 2nd place Excellent Day 2: Very Good Day 3: Excellent

April 22 Danish Flatcoated Retriever club 1st place VG Intermediate class

Sept 22 Gundog Show Doorwerth 3rd place excellent open class bitches & 1st place couples class all breeds with brother Kaspar.

Photo by Arista

Working results:

2021 Danish Brugsprøve

2022 Dutch B-diploma CDD on dummies 69 points out of 80

2022 Danish Deputant prøve 3rd place

2022 Dutch official SJP B diploma on game 67 out of 80 points

2022 Dutch official SJP B diploma on game 69 out of 80 points – qualified for participation in MAP B

Lotte at work – photo by Saskia Moonen

Possibly Lotte will be given a chance to have puppies in the future – there are a few candidates that we are interested in for a future mating. But for now we will enjoy training, family time and hopefully some trials/gun dog competitions next year. Until then a couple of shows and quality time for her to mature will do for now.

Lotte – great at swimming photo by Saskia Moonen
Photo by Arista


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