Flow of Spirits Silver Skipper “Rumi”

Rumi – 6 1/2 years old photo by Arista
Rumi caught on camera by Robin Polman during MAP competition FRC Aug 22

FatherDustin Flat-XP
MotherKhila-Flynn Umbra Fida
BreederLenk Krispijn
AFreeFreeFreeNot free
2017KCM FRC ZG (very good)
Kerstshow Gorinchem 3U (Excellent 3rd place)
2018KCM 2018 U (excellent)
KCM flatcoated retriever club
Litter testing at the Flatcoated Retriever Club (exterior & behaviour)
2017SHH (sociale huishond/social skills)
GB (gedrag & gehoorzaamheid/obedience)
Pink WT (fight cancer WT 73 points out of 80)
2018Clubdiploma  C (WFRG 45 points out of 50)
SJP B 3de plaats  (LKN 76 points out of 80) 3rd place
SJP B (WFRG 71 points out of 80)
SJP B (Jagersvereniging Overijssel 71 points out of 80)
SJP B (Jagersvereniging Overijssel 74 points out of 80)
WT B1 1ste plaats (WFRG 97 points out of 100) 1st place
WT B1 (onderlinge Willy Walbeek 50 jaar 79 points out of 100)
2019WT B1 (FRC 71 points)
Talentenjacht WFRG novice (84 points) 3rd place
WT B1 (WFRG 67 points)
MAP B (WFRG 515 points out of 600)
MAP B (Oostvoorne 531 points out of 600)
MAP B (Kruiningen 436 points out of 600)
Rumi on a cast during SJP A for a mark Sept 21′
Thumbs up from judge – a perfect crow-mark for Rumi
Sjp Hoofddorp 2021

After her litter in 2020 Rumi increasingly started suffering from an old shoulder ligament injury and her training has been suited to fit her physical capabilities. This means I cannot train her as one normally would when competing on a high level in dog sports. Nevertheless we have managed to return to the competition arena and here are some results that we are proud of, considering the handicaps we have:


SJP – A Oostvoorne 2nd place

KCM FRC outdoor show 2nd place excellent bitches open class

KCM WFRG outdoor show 1st place excellent bitches open class


FRC club show 1st place open class bitches

WFRG Talentenjacht working test open class 4th place

SJP-A 3rd place FRC Oldenzaal

Danish Flatcoated Retriever Club show 2nd place excellent bitches open class

WFRG Club show 4th place excellent open class bitches

MAP B 555 points out of 600

Working test A certificate WFRG Lochem

AT (FRC finals of the year) 8th place

WFRG trophy (WFRG finals of the year) 9th place


PJP- B (North NL province map finals) 341 points

International CAC/CACIB Show Groningen 4th place Excellent open class

Working test A certificate – Berlicum GRV

International show Rijnland. 2nd place excellent open class

WFRG Talentenjacht working test 1st place Open class

Delivery of the second blind dove SJP A 20/8-22 photo by Saskia Moonen FRC

Rumi has from puppy time to now – proven to be a solid dual purpose flatcoated retriever. Not many dogs can maintain this throughout their whole life. Rumi loves everything we do together as long as it involves action. Funny enough – she also enjoys being in the show arena – especially the running around part. Love her high spirit.

Together at show – Rumi would prefer gundogging but anything that involves treats and action will do
Photo by Yvonne Scheltens
Rumi with Yvonne during WFRG KCM 22
Photo by Silvia Renders

Rumi on a long blind through a lake with double distractions
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