Sweet memories of the German road trips part 1

Last February everything seemed perfectly normal, apart from the Covid-19 crisis in China. The first unexpected change in our 2020 planning was the fact that Rumi’s sister Phoenix (Flow of Spirits Holly Blue) came into heat. Rumi has up until now always followed her sister with 1 1/2 year in-between heat. Lenk Krispijn (Rumi’s breeder)Continue reading “Sweet memories of the German road trips part 1”

Flatastic facebook

After a successful lift-off of this page – Flatastic also got facebook’ed. You will find us under the name: Flatastic flatcoated retrievers. Na een succesvolle lift-off van deze site werd het ook tijd om Flatastic op Facebook te zetten. We zijn te vinden onder de naam Flatastic flatcoated retrievers.