To be or not to be… your true nature

Within the gundog world Flatcoated Retrievers are known as very good hunting dogs solving tasks quickly, independently and with major bird finding abilities. They tend to be less popular as gundog competition dogs compared to other retrievers. One of the reasons for that may be that handlers find them easily distracted (mentally) and a bitContinue reading “To be or not to be… your true nature”

Winners of the Flatastic New Year Challenge 2023

As mentioned in our previous message, the Flatastic Challenge was up for judging this week and the winners were: 1st price – best execution of the challenge: Lieuwe Bosma & Flatastic Platinum Alignment “Gurbe” Most creative challenge Evelien Hendriksen & Flatastic Orange Pleasure “Kai” Best Talent Josine Woudsma & Beguarded in a conshell Flat ourContinue reading “Winners of the Flatastic New Year Challenge 2023”

Workshop Working Test C/B1 15 okt 2022 Putten

On a misty Saturday morning – 11 flatcoated retrievers & one golden retriever met in the beautiful Putten for a working test workshop hosted by Yvonne van Houten from Tricksywood’s kennel and myself. Our two kennels have produced working gundogs and we were brought together by one of my puppy buyers (Lieuwe Bosma) who isContinue reading “Workshop Working Test C/B1 15 okt 2022 Putten”