Last goodbye

Bosma family & Gurbe

Today was the last goodbye..for us a very emotional moment to let go and at the same time celebrate the whole period of nurturing. It was with great pleasure that we passed Flatastic Platinum Alignment on to Lieuwe Bosma. Mr. Grey will be given a life as a working gundog in Friesland (northern NL). Hopefully we we also see Lieuwe and Gurbe in the gundog competition field as well. We wish them a wonderful working life together & we are sure that this Adonis of a dog will also fulfill the role as loving pet in their family home.

Mr Grey – also known as the Adonis (smartphone photo by yours sincerely)

Another goodbye

Josine, Mattijs & Line

Today we said goodbye to miss Yellow – also known as Bröseline (nicknamed after het father). Her pedigree name is Flatastic Yellow Joy. She was the smallest puppy who had a long way of growing, she had to struggle a bit for the good nipples against the big guys. When she was around 5 weeks of age this little girl made it clear to me that she would not fit into the life of anybody with high gun dog ambitions as she requires small steps in adjusting to change. This decision was the hardest I had to make and my promise to myself to put the well-being of my dogs ahead of any human will, has in her case been very challenging for me personally (on more levels than I could ever imagine). Josine and Mattijs fell in love with Lintje, and I am very pleased knowing they can provide her with what she needs, including training and TLC. We wish you a joyful dog life together.

Flatastic Yellow Joy

Time to say goodbye..

Time flies when one prepares the goodbyes of 12 puppies. The last week (between 8 and 9 weeks) was an important week in the socialization of the pups. We enjoyed watching how Rumi’s behavior changed with the puppies. Day by day I noticed that she set new boundaries for what was allowed and what not. As time passed we noticed that the puppies started to approach her in a bow instead of frontal jumping (most of the time) and the biting in our hands became more gentle. Also their interaction changed and we adjusted the amount of things to investigate and things to climb on.

Rumi & mr Black
Marloes & Hans with Spyke

Last Friday morning we said goodbye to sweet Flatastic Blue Intelligence – mr Blue really grew on me during the past 9 weeks with his modest but cool appearance and manly way of being. Luckily we will see each other at the gun dog training every Saturday. Hans and Marloes are living in the Eindhoven area and we wish them a wonderful future with Spyke.

Flatastic Blue Intelligence photo by Arista Fotografie

Friday afternoon another handsome boy left our house. Mr Purple – a true son of his mother – will be living in the Gelderland province with his new family. This wonderful dog was unfortunate to be called Koosje Abrikoosje by me – no way near representing his league. Luckily Marja understands that this hotshot is more of a Prince than a Koos. We are looking forward seeing him too every week for gun dog training. We wish Marja, Okke and Florian all the best, many dog-cuddling hours and fine gun dog work with this fantastic guy.

Florian, Marja and Okke with Shelby
Flatastic apricot Fulfilment by Arista fotografie

Saturday morning an icon left us feeling a bit empty. Knowing that her room filling personality will bring her owners great joy is a comfort for our tender hearts. Little miss Green we wish you and your new family in Zeeland the best of times, probably you will show that part of the Netherlands what is in the word RETRIEVER.

Flatastic Green Compassion by Arista Fotografie

Sunday was another big goodbye day. Two of my training mates picked up their puppies. It was a very emotional experience to hand over puppies to such great guys – aiming for a fantastic working gun dog life with their dogs. In the morning Ivo and Hank came to pick up Mr. Amber alias Brownie. The sweetest little boy with an enormous amount of enthusiasm and speed. Ivo and his two boys live in the Utrecht region and I am looking forward continuing training with Ivo and seeing the boys again. We wish you and “Brownie” a wonderful working gun dog life together.

Ivo & Victor
Flatastic Amber Value by Arista fotografie

Sunday this time my emotional egg was really overcooked. I cannot really describe how satisfying and special it was to have delivered and brought up a new working mate for my dear training partner, hunting mate and friend Frans. It was a moment filled with pure joy. Our great adventurous “Pluto” – Rumi’s limit-pusher and Mr Clooney (yes he is that charming) is looking forward to a great working gun dog life in Brabant region where he will be living with Déroy, the brother of Rumi. We wish Frans & his family a fantastic years with their Jason.

Frans, Déroy, Rachel & Roy with Jason
Flatastic Aquamarine Acceptance (mobile phone) photo by Arista fotografie

Emotional day

Gert, Evelien and Marlien with Kay – they live in Gelderland.

Today the puppies are 8 weeks old and we are saying goodbye to two of the big guys. It has been a bit of a crazy week – an emotional roller coaster – and when things did not seem to be able to worsen the pups became ill with a virus that caused a major pooh challenge. Luckily the Vet did not worry about anything serious – having 12 pups with diarrhea can really take the best of you I must admit. I am down to size 36 for the first in over 10 years so no bikini worries this season.

Flatastic Orange Pleasure
By Arista Photography

This morning we said goodbye to Flatastic Orange Pleasure who will be living with Evelien and her family – her parents Marlien en Gert will take a big part in the life of Kai and his gundog training. We hope to see Gert and Kai in hunting competitions the coming years. We wish you all a great (working) life together.

Beukema family with Bruce – they live in Drenthe

This afternoon we said goodbye to Flatastic Silver Will. He was the boss of the dozen and the “powerlifter”. He will be Klaas Beukema’s new hunting mate and we wish them a great hunting life together.

Flatastic Silver Will
By Arista Photography

The beginning of the goodbyes

It has been 2 weeks since our last news sorry..but you may guess busy taking care of the puppies. Here a shortlists of our adventures:

Serious mastitis (milking and feeding puppies)

Many puppy owner visits (12 puppies means an equal amount of families)

Exterieur judging (big thanks to Marjo Hahné for visiting and giving feedback on the litter)

Chipping and DNA sampling on location

Blood testing/ vaccination

And I can continue further on..

Marijke and Mr Jones

Today it was time for our first puppy to fly out in the big world. Our mr Gold has found a happy home with Marijke Haveman in Groningen. I wish you the best of luck – but also pleasure with the gun dog training. He will now be known as Mr. Jones.

Flatastic Golden Truth

5 1/2 weeks old

Past weekend we had the pleasure of meeting most of our puppy candidates on the waiting list. For us it was also a great moment to see how the puppies interact with humans. They loved all the attention and settled down nicely afterwards

Photo by Marja Nijdam

Time has not been on our side since Rumi became ill with Mastitis and we had to ween off the puppies. Our days and nights have therefore been crazy. To give you an idea, my day started around 5-6 o’clock and ended somewhere between 23.00 and 24.00 hours. Feeding puppies, scooping pooh and milking Rumi. Luckily our efforts kept the puppies fat and happy and we even managed to start some car driving practice. We kinda had to as the Dutch Kennel Club stopped house visits for chipping and DNA testing due to Covid-19, meaning I would need to drive up to an hour at 5 weeks old. Monday was the big day and the car drive did not stress them too much and the chipping and DNA sampling went very smoothly. All puppies confidently let themselves be handled by the two strangers.

VIP transport for the Flatastic 12

This week we continue the socialization and Rumi is busy teaching them ownership rights and bite pressure.

Rumi & Mr Orange

4 weeks old

It is hard to believe that my wonderful dozen is already 4 weeks old. Today was a milestone because they are now fed solid food twice a day and I no longer bottle feed. That is a huge workload relief for me. We have extended their living space every other day – whenever we heard that their interactions became more serious of sound. The space extension is in order to keep the stress of too crowded area low and to provide individuals with options to stay out of “war zones” when the playing gets rough. It is a lot of work to keep such a space clean but it just cheers my heart to see the effect of it on the puppies. They all do their big business on the gravel or at least very close to. So no more pooh on the carpets (unless they have stepped in it😷). They had a little sneak preview today outside but due to strong wind most of them decided to stay inside. Tomorrow we will try again if the weather allows. Have I yet told you how proud and happy I am with my pups? Oh no, they are not mine. All Rumi’s babies and she is thrilled too with them – especially because they have started to play a bit with her. I hope she will enjoy it too next week when they can run really fast😁. Before I forget, last week all expected owners received a little birth card with the announcement of the litter name: Aura. I am confident they will color our lives with their energy.

2 weeks old

2 cool cats
Mr. Gold making himself comfortable
Adorable mr Purple & Blue
So many

Yesterday the Flatastics turned two weeks old. They are still doing great growing and sleeping – eyes have opened too so they are taking in the world. They are very active with their noses and as soon as they smell me or Rumi they speed up their crawling/walking pace. They have had their first anti worm treatment and they enjoy all the teddybears and soft baby cloths. This week we are preparing the agenda for the upcoming weeks, making appointments at the vet’s and figuring out how to plan visits for future owners in a Corona proof way. It is a bit of a challenge having 12 puppies and all the families who are dying to come and have a look in combination with the adjusted policy of chipping the pups on location, meaning we have to start early getting them used to car driving if we do not want to overwhelm them with a long drive. So while we puzzle on with timemanagement please enjoy some of the photos from the last couple of days.

One week and two days old

Time flies when you are a least when you take care of 12 little ones..

The Flatastic puppies are doing great, they are wonderful little characters full of life and energy. They come across as being strong – both physically and mentally and they gain weight and coordination every day. I am slowly starting to recognize their individual personalities and I cannot imagine ever wanting them to leave us – I am utterly in love with them.

Rumi has had a bit of a rough week. After delivery she gave herself fully to feeding and caring. Due to an unusual lack of appetite we have struggled to feed her and it is with great relief that we have finally reached the point that she has excess energy. She is now taking care of the whole feeding herself and is keen on walking with us and she enjoys her morning massages again.

We had to find her a villa instead of her nice house – it has been extended in to a minor cattle with different bedding possibilities and different temperature options. Luckily we were well prepared with all puppy stuff, because it kind of hit us having 12 puppies and the amount of work the first week was huge. Now things are settling nicely and we can slowly start attending administration and other chores besides the puppies and Rumi.

In this proces I promised myself (and Rumi) to put the dogs first, so my apologies for the lack of communication to anyone who might still be waiting for me to text or call back – please try again, because I lost track.

The waiting list for puppies is full – we do not accept any new request for puppies.

Puppies are born!

On the 22nd of May Rumi gave birth to 12 puppies. It was a marathon and we were all very tired afterwards. The puppies are very lively and healthy with very descent weights from birth on. We are slowly getting into a routine of caring for this huge litter. We feel happy, blessed and exhausted at the same time. Rumi is very devoted to her new role as a mother and is doing her utmost to clean, nurture and feed this lot.

9 males & 3 females – as it looks at this point all little ones will be blessed with loving (working) homes.

My dream has come true..