Dreams coming true

Ultrasound photo from the Vet’s

We are intense happy to announce that my long time wish has now officially been confirmed:

Puppies are on their way🎉

Today we went to Sterkliniek Nieuwveen to have an Utrasound of Rumi. Vet Michiel Albers performed the Utrasound and counted 5-6 puppies. But due to Rumi’s hairy belly he could not scan the whole way up. We did not want to shave her belly as this can cause stress, which will influence the puppies. So we still have to wait for some more surprise. Most importantly they all looked very healthy and alive & kicking. Heartbeats were easy to see to – this is very special. Rumi was not amused about having to be put on the back but when she discovered that it involved belly stroking – she relaxed into the position. Of course I whispered in her ear how flatastic she was doing. So my husband and I bought the loveliest champagne & rasberry tart on the way home to celebrate.

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