The hunt for talent

Me & Lotte (Flatastic Red Strength)
Photo by Silvia Renders
Me & Kaspar (Flatastic Black Peace)
Photo by Caroline Nilsson

Every summer the WFRG (working flatcoated retriever group) organizes a working test for flatties only called the Talent Hunt. Inspired by the Swedish “Flatmästerskabet” and with the purpose of bringing all levels of working flatcoated retrievers together in a good atmosphere to enjoy typical flatcoated style of working.

Having had a bit of a rough training year for our youngsters due to Covid-19 interruptions and a trainer dropping out shortly after being back on training track, we were a bit insecure wether we would be able to join the WT. So we decided to join the baby class for completely inexperienced dogs – being able to work the dogs from the collar and leash not risking steadyness challenges.

Frans & Jason (Flatastic Aquamarine Acceptance) Photo by Caroline Nilsson

Our worries were without reason because the dogs did absolutely fine! Plenty of details to continue working with and far from perfect but the basics were fine – their excitement levels were good to handle and they managed very well on the hot and long day out in the field.

Hans & Spyke (Flatastic Blue Intelligence)
Photo by Caroline Nilsson
Josine & Line (Flatastic Yellow Joy)
Photo by Caroline Nilsson

For me the day was very special – it was such a joy to be with the 6 Flatastic Aura “babies“ in the competition and a am so proud of Rumi and Brösel’s offspring, but even so of their handlers who take the time to train their dogs well and taking care of their well-being while doing so. That is in my opinion very valuable. On top of that it is such a wonderful thing to share the passion for this breed and working with them. Though working your dog at a competition is not a team sport (except from you and the dog being a team), the presence of good company with like minded people delivers the cherry on top.

Marja & Shelby (Flatastic Apricot Fulfillment)
Photo by Caroline Nilsson

Another sweet cherry on top of this great event: Marja and Shelby were among the 5 best contestants of the baby class “snuffelklasse” so they were invited to do a final run of a double marking of approx 80 m. They did great and came in on a nice 4th place. Congratulatitons Marja and Shelby and the rest of the Flatastic’s with their first WT certificates.

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