Best New Year Wishes from team Flatastic

Rumi – Kaspar – Lotte giving a charming head turn & greeting you into the New Year 2022

A warm and affectionate greeting into the New Year 2022. However we are all still struggling with lockdown affects – we hope that the new year will bring health and well-being to all of our friends – 2 and 4 legged – in all possible ways one can have the above. As dog training is difficult due to the current government restrictions (max 2 people together outside) we felt it was time to come up with a new challenge for the Aura litter to keep the youngster busy and engaged. The new year challenge is:

– train your youngster to run to his leash laying on the ground with 1 cue

– let him take place, laying on the leash in down position until you give a release cue.

– add distance to the cast and duration of the waiting laying down.

– the winning team has the best execution in terms of duration, distance of cast, most relaxed emotion/body language of dog and amount of pleasure being displayed.

Go to your place – challenge

Are you curious to hear who wins the challenge? Monday 10th of January we will reveal the winning video on the Flatastic Facebook site. Good luck everybody!

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