Happy 2nd birthday Flatastic Aura Litter

Happy birthday boys and girls

I sometimes sit and gaze out the window thinking back at all I went through from birth of a heartfelt wish till the day I passed my first bred puppies to their new owners. I never ever could have imagined what an emotional roller coaster life would put me through just out of having a couple of puppies..

I never imagined that my heart could open up to so many dogs at once.. never imagined how vulnerable it would make my heart when we unexpectedly and far too early had to say goodbye to miss Yellow who I took so many “punches” for in order to give her the best life…

I never imagined that all our efforts and coaching would be so warmly welcomed as it has been..

I never expected so many to do so well as gundogs this early in life..

I never thought they would bring so much joy and pleasure to their humans as they do.

I am utterly proud of all of them – I hoped they would become social and happy flatties and they have become so much more than just that! They have become flatcoats of my heart.

Funny social pretty energetic sweet clever and always ready to rock and roll. Beauty and brains if you ask me, but then again I might not be very objective.

A very happy birthday to Lotte Kaspar Kai Jason Spyke Shelby Jones Bruce Jones Gurbe & Fien.

Big hugs from a proud breeder

In loving memory of Line💛

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