Hunting exam season in the Netherlands is open!

Me & Lotte enjoying the diploma moment photo by L. Verspui

It is summer and the gundog exams of Orweja have started.

The SJP exams are found in 3 levels: C-B-A

C is mainly basic obedience and retrieving of dummies

B is intermediate level retrieving of rabbit, duck and crow on a precision mark and casting past water on top of the C parts

A is all of the above plus a double blind dove retrieve on 100+ meters range plus a long drag of goose with several turns. The blind test does not allow disobedience on the directing, thus a very high level of obedience in casting is required.

The SJP diploma gives access to the equivalent level of MAP and/or Working tests.

Rumi & me giving it a go for the 2nd SJP A – but did not make it – yet. Photo by Sophie Alma WFRG
Powerduo Laurine & Flatastic Green Compassion “Fien” getting ready to show their heelwork skills in Heerle. Photo by Sophie Alma WFRG

Here are the results from the past two weeks of Flatastic Aura action in the field:

Flatastic Platinum Alignment “Gurbe” with his owner Lieuwe SJP-C 46 points out of 50

Flatastic Blue Intelligence “Spyke” with his owner Hans SJP-C 39 out of 50 points

Flatastic Green Compassion “Fien” with her owner Laurine SJP-C 38 out of 50 points

Flatastic Black Peace “Kaspar” SJP-C 50 out of 50 points

Flatastic Red Strength “Lotte” SJP-B 67 out of 80 points

I am a very proud breeder with these results – and it makes me even more proud when I see how much pleasure the dogs bring to our lives, how many engaged gun dog hours in the field we can enjoy because of them. Congratulations Hans, Laurine and Lieuwe with your diplomas.

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