Summer gundogging results

The competition season is full in action and the hunting season has commenced as well. In the Netherlands hunters are working hard to save the farmers’ crop from doves and different birds. In Belgium the duck season is already in full action and Flatastic Aquamarine Acceptance “Jason” and Flatastic Green Compassion “Fien” have been out in the fields together for retrieving.

Flatastic Platinum Alignment “Gurbe” obtained a very impressive SJP B diploma on game with 75 point out of 80.

A proud Lieuwe and Gurbe

Flatastic Silver Will “Bruce” has a SJP B of 69 out of 80 point and is now qualified for MAP B competitions.

Congratulations Lieuwe and Klaas with your great B diplomas.

Yesterday Rumi and I finally obtained our 2nd SJP A allowing us to subscribe to MAP A competitions. MAP A is the highest level of gundog competitions on game – designed to resemble real hunting situations. The competitions serve as selection competitions for the the Dutch championships called Nimrod.

Walking up to the heelwork part for the last time – photo by Saskia Moonen FRC
Me telling Rumi how great she was – photo by Saskia Moonen FRC
3rd place SJP A – photo by Saskia Moonen FRC
Beautiful girl with her price 🎀

From now on only the fun stuff awaits the two of us Rumi. Thank you for everything up until now.

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