Flatastic Working Test Lochem

Spyke & Kaspar with their working test certificates

Last weekend (29th & 30th Oct. 2022) the WFRG held a working test in Lochem, East Holland close to the German border.

On Saturday Hans Mansveld & Spyke passed the test with a certificate in the C class. Me and Kaspar managed to pass the B1 test with a certificate.

Spyke photo by Sophie Alma

On Sunday it was Rumi’s time. She achieved a working test A certificate. Our first one 🥳

Team Flatastic – Gurbe – Kaspar – Spyke photo by Josine Woudsma

Apart from enjoying working with our dogs the weekend gave the opportunity to catch up with other Flatastics. I also had the pleasure of spending two nights at Josine & Mathijs’ place with half sister Ragne. Thank you for having me and the 3 musketeers visiting.

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