One week and two days old

Time flies when you are a least when you take care of 12 little ones..

The Flatastic puppies are doing great, they are wonderful little characters full of life and energy. They come across as being strong – both physically and mentally and they gain weight and coordination every day. I am slowly starting to recognize their individual personalities and I cannot imagine ever wanting them to leave us – I am utterly in love with them.

Rumi has had a bit of a rough week. After delivery she gave herself fully to feeding and caring. Due to an unusual lack of appetite we have struggled to feed her and it is with great relief that we have finally reached the point that she has excess energy. She is now taking care of the whole feeding herself and is keen on walking with us and she enjoys her morning massages again.

We had to find her a villa instead of her nice house – it has been extended in to a minor cattle with different bedding possibilities and different temperature options. Luckily we were well prepared with all puppy stuff, because it kind of hit us having 12 puppies and the amount of work the first week was huge. Now things are settling nicely and we can slowly start attending administration and other chores besides the puppies and Rumi.

In this proces I promised myself (and Rumi) to put the dogs first, so my apologies for the lack of communication to anyone who might still be waiting for me to text or call back – please try again, because I lost track.

The waiting list for puppies is full – we do not accept any new request for puppies.

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