2 weeks old

2 cool cats
Mr. Gold making himself comfortable
Adorable mr Purple & Blue
So many

Yesterday the Flatastics turned two weeks old. They are still doing great growing and sleeping – eyes have opened too so they are taking in the world. They are very active with their noses and as soon as they smell me or Rumi they speed up their crawling/walking pace. They have had their first anti worm treatment and they enjoy all the teddybears and soft baby cloths. This week we are preparing the agenda for the upcoming weeks, making appointments at the vet’s and figuring out how to plan visits for future owners in a Corona proof way. It is a bit of a challenge having 12 puppies and all the families who are dying to come and have a look in combination with the adjusted policy of chipping the pups on location, meaning we have to start early getting them used to car driving if we do not want to overwhelm them with a long drive. So while we puzzle on with timemanagement please enjoy some of the photos from the last couple of days.

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