Baby steps

Flatastic Black Peace “Kaspar” (stud)

Today Kaspar & Lotte (5 months old) had their first grooming session – just a little bit of getting used to standing on a table and the sound of scissors. They were comfortable with the handling and trusting of me cutting a bit of the end tail hair. Afterwards we had a short baby show training session – not that we have any show to attend due to COVID but now seemed a good time to practice a little.

Flatastic Red Strength “Lotte” (bitch)

As mummy was getting jealous of the cheese tube we let her have a go at it too. Rumi is not yet in full shape after the litter and we are taking our time to allow her to build muscles and endurance by exercising on the treadmill and swimming. But she enjoys everything – as long as it involves some action.

Flow of Spirits Silver Skipper “Rumi” (bitch)
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