New Beginnings with Double Love..

Those of you who kept count of the dirty dozen may have noticed we only announced 11 puppies to have a forever loving home, so far. This means we are missing one little star in the row. Let me introduce you to:

Flatastic Red Strength

Photos private collection & left top Arista Fotografie

At seven and 1/2 weeks away in the litter we were confronted with the withdrawal of one of the puppy buyers. For us this was a sad thing to have to go through and it left us without a forever loving working home for wonderful Mrs Red. But let me first tell you a little about this great girl..

Lotte by Arista Fotografie

During the nursing period “Marjory” presented herself being a charismatic showgirl, the only puppy having milk brought to her privately in her “penthouse” in the back of the garden. The nickname Marjory arised due to the fact that she slept/sleeps on the potty tray resembling the Oracle from the freggle show. Despite her nasty sleeping habits, she is talented and extremely clever. She is Rumi 2.0 – lots of passion, but with more will to please than her mother – a great spirit and she runs towards everything interesting when she gets a chance. From day one, up front – a go getter and a very sweet girl at home. She is very gifted in reading people’s energy and responds very accurately and if you ask me she is rather pretty too. She is not suitable for inexperienced handlers (because of her love for adventures & passion), though.

Flatastic Red Strength “Lotte” 11 weeks old by Arista Fotografie

We decided to name her Lotte. After the Dutch word “lot” meaning fate or lottery ticket.

As she deserves a good match too we have decided to offer her a shared home with Rumi and Kaspar, hoping that my ability to manage this unexpected family expansion will be sufficient. Exciting times to look forward to for us, training two puppies and bringing Rumi back in good competition & hunting shape. I must say, experienced breeders warned me up front: “expect the unexpected” – they were right in a manner I could not ever have imagined. First hurdle to take in this new and unexpected future is getting a bigger car to fit this pack of dogs and then I need to figure out how to walk 3 eager dogs on the leash. Enough challenge for me for the coming time I think.

Double Love (left Kaspar with goofy face & right Lotte)

Of course all the arguments of training two puppies at once not being ideal etc. plus the impact of bringing up two of the same age made our decision very difficult. But due to the circumstances I simply cannot bare to let her go to anyone not being close to our hearts. By keeping Lotte we also hope to have regained access to future possibilities of breeding. But who knows what the future will bring.. we hope to make the best of it for our trio and trust the way of the world to guide us.

Rumi is very happy with her two puppies. It turns out that they make excellent playmates and they love to copy whatever mischievousness mummy is coming up with. Today I caught them all having a little pull game with my fittflop slipper-in the vegetable garden..The look on Rumi’s face was priceless 💕

Rumi & the kids on the beach at sunset
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