Competition take-off Flatastic twins

“Double trouble” Kaspar and Lotte

Today Lotte and Kaspar had their first official gun dog competition in the Netherlands on dummies.

It was at the same time a test for me to see if I am capable of administering 2 in 1 day. Well, let’s say I cannot recommend anyone to do this at home unless you suffer from a severe energy surplus. It is a rather exhausting task I must admit.

Nevertheless I am very proud to announce that both dogs managed to achieve an official diploma:

Lotte B club diploma on dummy 69 points

Kaspar C club diploma on dummy 45 points

Of course we have a lot to improve on execution within the test – but mostly it will be a matter of them getting used to all the distractions in a competition setting.

I am very proud of them and very pleased with the outcome. Now they are officially qualified for breeding according to the guidelines of the Dutch Flatcoated Retriever Club. That is to me as a breeder a kind of cool, however I still want to accomplish much more for them to prove their talents before we start making serious plans..

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