More Flatastics entering the trial arena

Last Saturday the WFRG held a so-called Club Diploma Day. It is a standardized trial with dummies. Obtaining a diploma gives you access to club working tests and is a good way to start bringing young dogs to trials to test how they deal with such a situation.

The c-diploma consists of following parts:

-heeling on and off the leash while walking a set course

– casting the dog blindly 60 m and recalling the dog upon notice of judge

– a marked land retrieve (short distance)

– a marked water retrieve

– down position out of sight of handler during 2 minutes

B-diploma is all of the above parts plus:

– a sharp mark on land (no deviation allowed above 1 m)

– a cast over water and free search for a blind

– free search in woods

A-diploma is all of the above plus:

– directing dog to a set point in the field, when approved by judge one may cast the dog sideways to retrieve a blind

– a drag which begins at the other side of the waterway.

Flatastic Family fun at the WFRG CDD trial

This Saturday it was Flatastic Apricot Fulfilment “Shelby” who brought home a C diploma after having fulfilled his first official trial.

Shelby caught on camera by Silvia Renders
A happy Marja with her first diploma – photo by H. Mansveld

Congratulations with your first diploma Marja and Shelby!

Shelby is a very talented youngster from our Aura litter. He learns very quickly and he lives to retrieve so to say. Of all within the dozen he resembles his mother Rumi the most: highly motivated-a mind of his own and an extrovert character. We are looking forward to see what the future brings for Marja and Shelby.

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