A weekend out with the Flatastics

From the left Shelby, Spyke, Lotte, Kaspar, Jason, Fien and in our hearts +Line 💛

It was a big contrast after the past week’s painful event of loosing beloved Line..

I did not feel much joy driving my car towards Bergschenhoek for the Clubdiploma day on dummies organized by the Working flatcoated group and the Toller club. Normally I look forward doing trials with my dogs but it was with a heavy heart this time..because Line was supposed to do this trial too. After meeting with the other Flatastics we agreed to do this trial in honor of Line and her wonderful nature.

Lotte was in a typical hormonal spaghetti brain mood of a bitch coming in to heat – so let’s say it was not her best day and we are curious to see when her 2nd heat is coming, but nevertheless she showed some nice work and especially her steadiness pleased me.

Silvia Renders caught the B price winners on camera

Kaspar however rose above expectations and just smashed it (for Line) and won the B class with a modest 72 points. When I heard that only 3 B diplomas were obtained I was ever so more proud of this great guy. He worked very focused and eagerly and just delivered way beyond I would think he is trained to.

The happy “Italian” Kaspar already keeping an eye on the helper for the water retrieve – photo by Silvia Renders

Flatastic results:

Kaspar 1st place B diploma 72 points Lotte C diploma 45 points Shelby C diploma 33 points Spyke C diploma 37 points

Congratulations with the qualifications and thank you for a comforting and enjoyable day together with our dogs!

Awaiting the first post – photo by Silvia Renders


2nd place group class Rijnland International Dog Show – photo from PPPrints

Sunday it was time to show that our flatcoated retrievers are dual purposed. The Rijnland dog show gave the youngsters an opportunity to join the group class with all breeds in the bing ring. Kaspar and Lotte were great in showing themselves side by side and I was very surprised that they took a second place out of a rather big group. Standing still for the photo was less successful.

Show results 27/3-22:

Kaspar 1st place VG intermediate class. Lotte 1st place VG intermediate class Rumi Excellent open class.

You can imagine we are all a bit tired after the busy weekend and the past emotional week – now we take some rest to digest all the contrasting emotions before commencing our next adventure, which is just around the corner…

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