Broken hearts

On Sunday the 13th I received a phone call that Line – Flatastic Yellow Joy had been taken to the animal hospital with kidney failure. I was informed that she was in danger of losing her life..

A week followed that infused us with emotions I had forgotten one can go through as a human being. Her dear owners and myself were devastated.

After 5 days of medical care Line was allowed to go home and we spend the weekend praying that her body would be able to function with the given medication. I had seen her at the vet’s and she had lost a lot of weight but she was full of her so particular life joy and enthusiasm and boy did we pray for her recovery.

Sadly on Monday morning the blood results showed that her time here on Earth was coming to an end and with deep love her owners decided to plan the goodbye before she would suffer more feeling poorly than we felt was right for this lovely girl.

Line at 1 year of age photo by Anita Lauwers

It is with a very painful heart that we have said our goodbyes to this wonderful soul that we only got to have amongst us for a short while. I am deeply thankful for the rich life she was given by the most loving paw-rents a dog can wish for. I am thankful for Line – she brought me many life lessons and of some I am still in proces of understanding.

Match made in heaven photo by Mathijs Biemold

I am also thankful for being invited to remain close by in the proces of her departure by her caring owners and their family. I too have loved this beautiful yellow girl from birth on and will always do.

I have stood my ground every bit of the way to provide her the life in support and without strings that I felt she deserved from an early age. My intuition guided me through a very difficult time with only one purpose: allowing her to have a life without any pressure and/or pre set ambition. Little did I know why my intuition felt so strongly..

Today I sadly know why: Line was born with kidneys that did not grow the size they should have done. As she grew up there were no signs other than a selective eating pattern telling about her condition. Her owners have always provided her with whatever she asked for – which is quite unique for dogowners – and this fact kept her strong and alive to the end.

Baby Line – photo by Anita Lauwers
Sweet baby Line
Youngster Line
Line 11 months old photo by Josine Woudsma

So while I am struggling to carry my grief – I am so impressed by the love and care she was given – by her owners and all of her fans (she had her own fan club from vets to trainers, family members other dogs etc) and the love she gave in return was exquisite and unique.

Line in summer of 2021 WFRG Talent working test photo by Caroline Nilsson
Her last walk was heavenly 💛

When the grief softens its grip on us we will research into which consequences this event will have and which actions we must take holding future breeding plans in mind. Until then please be mindful when you mention the matter in words. We choose deliberately to share this in public to prevent any unnecessary gossip causing pain to the hearts of people involved but also out of love for our breed.

A sincere and lovingly held goodbye in a sea of yellow

Meaning of the name Yellow Joy

Yellow Joy is the pure joy and delight of the soul of just being – being aware of being. The joy fuels curiosity and activates the sacred impulse of innocent wanting. The bigger the joy, the more the soul wants to be real, loving the truth and wanting to behold the truth.

My condolences to her owners and half sister Ragne who are now left with the emptiness of her no longer being with us 💛

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