4 weeks old

It is hard to believe that my wonderful dozen is already 4 weeks old. Today was a milestone because they are now fed solid food twice a day and I no longer bottle feed. That is a huge workload relief for me. We have extended their living space every other day – whenever we heard that their interactions became more serious of sound. The space extension is in order to keep the stress of too crowded area low and to provide individuals with options to stay out of “war zones” when the playing gets rough. It is a lot of work to keep such a space clean but it just cheers my heart to see the effect of it on the puppies. They all do their big business on the gravel or at least very close to. So no more pooh on the carpets (unless they have stepped in it😷). They had a little sneak preview today outside but due to strong wind most of them decided to stay inside. Tomorrow we will try again if the weather allows. Have I yet told you how proud and happy I am with my pups? Oh no, they are not mine. All Rumi’s babies and she is thrilled too with them – especially because they have started to play a bit with her. I hope she will enjoy it too next week when they can run really fast😁. Before I forget, last week all expected owners received a little birth card with the announcement of the litter name: Aura. I am confident they will color our lives with their energy.

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