5 1/2 weeks old

Past weekend we had the pleasure of meeting most of our puppy candidates on the waiting list. For us it was also a great moment to see how the puppies interact with humans. They loved all the attention and settled down nicely afterwards

Photo by Marja Nijdam

Time has not been on our side since Rumi became ill with Mastitis and we had to ween off the puppies. Our days and nights have therefore been crazy. To give you an idea, my day started around 5-6 o’clock and ended somewhere between 23.00 and 24.00 hours. Feeding puppies, scooping pooh and milking Rumi. Luckily our efforts kept the puppies fat and happy and we even managed to start some car driving practice. We kinda had to as the Dutch Kennel Club stopped house visits for chipping and DNA testing due to Covid-19, meaning I would need to drive up to an hour at 5 weeks old. Monday was the big day and the car drive did not stress them too much and the chipping and DNA sampling went very smoothly. All puppies confidently let themselves be handled by the two strangers.

VIP transport for the Flatastic 12

This week we continue the socialization and Rumi is busy teaching them ownership rights and bite pressure.

Rumi & Mr Orange

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