And may we present to you…

Here he is – our new family member, the dog who stole my heart the moment he entered this world. The most handsome puppy I have ever seen (yes I know I cannot think clearly):

Flatastic Black Peace

Photo by Arista fotografie
Kaspar (Some photos by Arista fotografie others private collection & right bottom corner by Ivo van Kempen)

From the very beginning he and I had a thing and this will probably be the last time in my life that I allow myself to fall utterly silly in love with a goodlooking hairy black fellow – taking the risk to be heartbroken and loose all senses 😂

He is everything I was looking for: clever, somewhat laid back (compared to his mother), funny, charming, has will to please, thinking before acting, moderate will of his own, sense of right and wrong with a very friendly character and he likes to work with a very good nose. We named him Kaspar keeping in mind that the name origins from the African wise man who came to bless baby Jesus. If that should not fit he can always be connected to the friendly ghost.

I hope that he and I will have a long and healthy love affair together.🖤

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