Morning sickness

Only 1 week to go before we will visit the vet’s place for Ultrasound to see if she has puppies hidden in her belly. We are very exited here at home, because there is no doubt that something’s cooking. A few days ago Rumi started to look as if she had swallowed a football and we lovingly changed her nickname from Mrs. Grey to Mrs. Alligator (check out how alligators look from above). This morning she did not feel very well..she is obviously suffering from morning sickness and for the first time ever in her life she did not want to eat her breakfast right a way, the poor girl. A bit of fresh air and a little nap was just enough for her to rejuvenate and after a good belly massage she should be ok for the day.

Enrichment and Training

Normally I keep Rumi in training year round, with excemption of our family holidays where we do more “fun-training”. Having a dog on a high exercise & training level can push the stress-hormone levels up. So in our normal schedule we have balancing days with short walks where sniffing is priority. Now we expect her to be with puppies we already turned the regular gun dog training down to a third. Now the time has come to shift to other activities where she is not tempted to exercise more and faster than her body would like to. My aim is to change the fast running and high arousal activities like gun dog training and bicycling to a more balanced way of exercising, where Rumi is not being aroused to run fast or pushing limits. At the same time we do not want to create frustration and drop in dopamine due to disappointment. So I have to be creative..

Good alternatives for Rumi at this point include activities where mental stimulation is provided in a dosed manner, inviting her to use the cognitive part of her brain by choice. This involves a lot of sniffing but also other sensory activity. So today we went to an enrichment garden. She loves to come here and have the freedom to explore, sniff, watch, climb and it is lovely to see her face all the different experiences. Beside this weekly activity we will make small “sniffaries” in the garden and do evening walks at different places with different smells. Of course I will also let her do one or two gundog things once a while, but only for 5 minutes to prevent extra arousal. When a bitch is carrying her hormones change a lot, this has a huge impact on behavior but first of all how she experiences the world. It is likely that dogs become more fearful or less courageous when hormones are changing – normally seen in adolescent dogs and when with puppies. So we try to keep things nice and calm for her, apart from the regular free running walks and give her the right exercise in an amount that will keep her fit, but not put pressure on her mental state. Inheritance is not only about the pedigree but also about the period of pregnancy and nurturing, meaning that the puppies inherit predisposition to the chemical state (hormones) in which the mother is. So we avoid unnecessary stress these days.

I believe that mental stimulation and other calm activities (sniffing/exploring in a low pace) should be a part of any dog’s life next to regular exercise on walks…and humans for that sake as well. It really helps us all to gear down in the middle of hectic lifestyles and rebalance ourselves.

For more information on sniffaries and enrichment check out Facebook page “Understand Animals”, in The Netherlands on the internet search for “Snuffeltuinen”. In my area dog school “Feedback” has a really nice place..

Happy Easter

Rumi 1 year old on Easter rabbit hunt in front of camera of Arista Photography

Me and my family wish you all a lovely Easter holiday, hoping you are all safe and sound in good health. While spending time in social distancing, I contemplate how thankful I am for the dogs in our lives..they keep us grounded and bring us smiles on a daily basis. Rumi is most of all thinking of food these days and following me around for cuddles and contact. It must be the hormones…

Flatastic facebook

After a successful lift-off of this page – Flatastic also got facebook’ed. You will find us under the name: Flatastic flatcoated retrievers.

Na een succesvolle lift-off van deze site werd het ook tijd om Flatastic op Facebook te zetten. We zijn te vinden onder de naam Flatastic flatcoated retrievers.

Flatastic Lift Off

Ik kon niet langer achterblijven – de geweldigste hond, een super gave reu – dekking is gelukt en het nest is in aantocht. Daar hoort een behoorlijke presentatie bij met informatie. I could no longer stay behind: I have the most fantastic dog, found the perfect stud and the litter 2020 is on its way – I had to make a proper presentation of the whole lot. Enjoy looking around at the Flatastic website!